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Edward L. Maxwell


Edward Maxwell Sr. was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Bro. Maxwell has had a strong love for God and a desire to serve Him from childhood and has been preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ for over 38 years.

Edward currently serves as the Dean of Academics and Instructor at the Northeast Baltimore Bible Institute & College in Baltimore County, Maryland. He has served in the public school system as Teacher, Counselor, and Administrator. In addition to 28 years in public and private education, he has been preaching the Gospel and serving in the ministry for over 38 years.

Brother Maxwell served as the 2011 Washington, D.C. Program Director for the National Crusade for Christ. Edward has held gospel meetings throughout the country and has spoken at numerous lectureships. He has designed and conducted numerous workshops throughout the country in such subjects as; Christian Parenting, Bible School Curriculum Writing, Bible School Staff Development, Church Leadership Development, Congregational Stewardship, and Anger Management & Conflict Resolution. Edward has trained preachers and church leaders who now serve in leadership all over the country.

In his latest book, The Church God Designed: A Divine Plan with Divine Resources for the Human Need, Bro. Maxwell outlines the arrangements God has made for our glorious return back to our place of origin.

"Although we think of the church as a physical place, the design of the church was based on a divine plan that was established in eternity past by a spiritual and eternal being... Therefore, the only church that is true in the divine eyes of God

is the very one He planned, designed, and built."

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